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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly In Real Estate

True stories from sellers and buyers


"Dual Agency: a Florida buyers story of working with the listing agent"

This Florida buyer not only was able to tour the house without supervision, but the listing agent became super friendly when the buyers asked them to do dual agency.    The agent proceeded to tell the buyer exactly what to offer and even set a 16 hour deadline.

Lindy Chapman, consumer advocate and agent, weighs in on who won in this offer situation and what a seller should know if their agent offers dual agency.





"When The Association Doesn't Like What You Say"

Back in December, I asked real estate agent Jay Villella his opinion on what percentage of the 1.4 million Realtors are good at their job.   His answer didn't sit well with the association and one week after our interivew, he was told to delete or retract his statement.  Find out what has happened since and if he still stands by his opinion on quality agents in the industry.



Does The Agent Really Have "Other Offers?"

For this anonymous story, we had to call in some reinforcements.    Real estate expert, Lindy Chapman, shares her opinion on our anonymous story in which the agent lied about having "other offers" and what you should you, or your agent, be asking to ensure you are competing against ghost offers.


Buying And Selling After Retiring From The Marines

This South Carolina gave her family and country everything!  She served 20 years active duty in the marines and single handledly raising her three children.   Learn how she pulled her family out of debt, how she prepared to buy and sell, and the adjustments she had to plan for when retiring from the marines.


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Agent Favors & Getting Ghosted

This Las Vegas family wanted to make the jump from renting to owning.  Learn how they did it, why they had to change agents, the loan hiccup they ran into, the alleged "favor" their agent was owed, and how they got ghosted at the very end.




How Dave Ramsey Makes Money With His ELP Program

We all know how much Dave hates you spending money on expensive coffee, but what does he think about you having to pay 5% or 6% in commissions to real estate agents?    If I had to guess, he probably doesn't mind, because when you use his ELP program, he gets a cut of that sweet commission pie.  Listen to learn more.


S1: E4   LEARN
How Does Zillow Make Money

Founded in the early 2000's, Zillow helped give consumers access to some MLS information, that normally would be hidden behind agent access.     But over the years, their model has become a money making machine, but how exactly are they making money? 



Buying A Home Virtually During A Pandemic With A Baby

This North Carolina buyer purchased their home virtually from New Jersey.   Hear what it was like to buy a home without stepping foot inside of it, the pressures of competing in a hot market, and the mutliple service providers that caused them issues after closing.




S1: E2   STORY
Buying Off Market Across State Lines

This Kansas City buyer navigated buying a property off market from another state.  Learn how they found it, how they got scammed out of $8,000, the pressures of negotiating in a sellers market, and what they would have done differently. 

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S1: E1   STOR
From Poverty To Their First Home

This South Carolina buyer is the first in her family to buy a home.   Hear how they did it, how a $0.23 deposit set off their underwriter, what it's like to move with kids, and how their agent pressured them to spend more.

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