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Making real estate fair and transparent for all home sellers and buyers

Why We Created Selling Later

Selling Later was developed from our own experiences of being frustrated home sellers that couldn't time buying and selling.  To our surprise, we discovered that we were not alone!  

The average home seller thinks about selling their home 5 to 10 months in advance? The average homebuyer spends up to a year searching for their new home.   We created Selling Later to give future sellers and buyers a safe place to connect in advance.

But then we saw behind the curtain of the real estate industry.

It wasn’t until we attended a real estate agent conference (we are frustrated consumers, not agents) that we discovered just how much the real estate industry takes advantage of consumers. The real estate industry is making billions from selling your information

There were 100,000,000 leads sold to the industry in 2020
Yet there were only 5 million homes sold.   These lead generation companies make billions off of unsuspecting consumers.  We believe in protecting your information and giving billions back to consumers and nonprofits.


Companies claim to find you the “best agent”
But only connect you with agents that agree to give the company 30% of what your agent earns when you close.  These websites are not referring the "best agents" and do not tell you how using their services can impact your chance to negotiate listing commissions and/or buyer rebates.

Real estate commissions have gone down less than 1% since 1992
Think of all of the technology that has been introduced to make things faster, more affordable, and more convenient since the 90's.  Consumers need to know who really gets paid from commissions, and how to negotiate savings for themselves.

The Industry LOVES to tell you why you shouldn’t use other selling services
Real estate selling services are no longer a one size fits all industry.  We do not sell homes and believe in educating sellers so they can pick a selling service that works best for them.

Companies earn kickbacks when referring you to other services
Home warranty, internet providers, home security and other companies give real estate companies kick backs when they sell their services.    While they claim they can give these kickbacks to buyers and sellers, most of these kickbacks go back to the company.  The average kickback can range from $40 to $60 for every new subscription.

To add to these problems, there are almost 2 million agents to sell 5 million homes and a variety of selling services that continue to launch that are not clear about their costs and implications of service.

If we did not know about these issues, then there is a good chance that you do not know about them as well.  It all just makes us ask the question "why does this industry get to profit and take advantage of unsuspecting consumers?”

Enough is enough!  We are taking a stand for consumers and have created a safe place for them to honestly navigate buying and selling a home.


Our Values & Principles

Independent Resource  
Our company is not financially supported or influenced by the real estate industry.   We do not accept kickbacks, referral fees, or commission shares.  We are built only for consumers, not real estate companies.

You Are In Control
Real estate is no longer a "one size fits all industry." There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling a home. We believe in giving you the resources to do your own research and decide on a selling service that works best for you.

Direct Connections
Unlike everyone else, we don’t want to play the middleman.  All inquiries are sent directly to the seller or buyer and utilize masked email to protect your privacy.   

We Do Not Sell Your Info  
Plain and simple, we do not sell your information to third parties as sales leads, nor do we give companies access to our member database.

No Solicitation 
We want you to receive real leads, not solicitations. Any user that breaks our solicitation policy twice will have their account de-activated.  

Giving Back
We want to support the small nonprofits in our communities that are making a difference. We ask that in exchange for using our resources, that you donate to one of our Giving Back nonprofits.

Welcome to #realestateforconsumers

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