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Why we want to give you time, control, and make a difference in our communities.

Facts & Principles

If everyone in the industry is profiting off of your real estate transaction, then why don't you get more control on how the process works for you?

Did you know that the average home seller thinks about selling their home 5 to 10 months in advance? Better yet, did you know that the average buyer spends 4 to 12 months searching for their new home?  

Here is where the math doesn't add up...  
  • Last year, the average home only spent 62 days on the market.   That means the home owner that spent months thinking about selling only had 62 days to list their home, find a new one, pack up, and move.

If you are one of the 61% of home sellers that are also buying, how in the world are you supposed to coordinate buying and selling at the same time without compromising your home price or your dream home wish list?  

More importantly, do you know that companies make billlions every year by selling consumers information as a sales lead?   When you inquire on a home on the big websites, be sure to read the fine print because your information could be sold to an agent you never met, nor know anything about.   

It shouldn't be this secretive, it shouldn't be this difficult, and you should have more say and control on how the process works best for you!

Selling Later was built on the following principles
Independent Resource– Our company is not financial supported or influenced by the real estate industry.   

You Are In Control –It’s 2020, and there are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling a home.  We believe in giving you the control to do your research and decide how you want to sell later.

Privacy – All inquiries are submitted via masked email to protect user privacy. 

You Information Is Never Sold To Third Parties –  Our social platform is a resource for sellers and buyers.  We do not sell or share your information to third parties as sales leads.  

No Solicitation – We want you to receive real leads, not solicitations.  Any user that breaks our solicitation policy twice will have their account de-activated.   

Giving Back –  We want to support the small nonprofits in our communities that are making a difference.  We ask that in leu of charging home posts, that you please donate to one of our Giving Back partners, or to a small nonprofit of your choice.   

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