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Giving consumers time and transparency in the murky world of real estate

Facts & Principles

 Why We Created Selling Later

Did you know that the average home seller thinks about selling their home 5 to 10 months in advance? Better yet, did you know that the average buyer spends 4 to 12 months searching for their new home? 

Here is where the math doesn't add up: 

  • Last year, the average home only spent 62 days on the market. That means the homeowners that are selling and buying spent months thinking about selling, but only had 62 days to list their home, find a new one, pack up, and move.

    • If they buy a home first and don't sell their existing home on time, they end up paying two mortgages.

    • If they sell their existing home too early, they have to find temporary living until they buy a new home.

    • If they sell too early, they feel pressured to buy a home quickly, which makes them purchase a home which probably is not their dream home.

    • If sellers know months in advance they want to sell, and buyers spend months searching, then why can't you have the chance to connect in advance?

Created by a frustrated consumer, Selling Later was developed to give future home sellers and future home buyers more time in real estate.  


Why We Pivoted To Becoming A Consumer Ally

What we didn't know, until a few months after we launched, was just how much of the real estate industry can work against the consumers best interest. Companies hide in the pockets of other companies, consumers are being referred to agents based on who pays the most money for their information, and lead generation companies are making billions off of selling consumer information. Discovering these disappointing truths encouraged us to pivot to not only give you time in real estate but also to become a consumer ally in this murky world of real estate. 

Selling Later Values & Principles


Independent Resource:  Our company is not financially supported or influenced by the real estate industry.  

You Are In Control:  Real estate is no longer a "one size fits all industry." There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling a home. We believe in giving you the control to do your research and decide how you want to sell later.

Privacy: All inquiries are submitted via masked email to protect user privacy. 

You Information Is Not Sold To Third Parties:  Our social platform is a resource for sellers and buyers. We do not sell or share your information to third parties as sales leads. Referral programs and pay to play programs do not benefit consumers, which is why we refuse to participate in the referral game. We believe the billions made from referral companies should be given back to consumers and nonprofit organizations.

No Solicitation:  We want you to receive real leads, not solicitations. Any user that breaks our solicitation policy twice will have their account de-activated.  

Giving Back:  We want to support the small nonprofits in our communities that are making a difference. We ask that in lieu of charging home posts, that you please donate to one of our Giving Back partners, or to a small nonprofit of your choice.  

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