How not being able to time buying and selling a home turned into a mission to give home sellers and buyers more time, save money, and regain control.

How attending one real estate conference

changed everything we knew about real estate

Why We Created Selling Later

Selling Later was developed from our own experiences of being frustrated homeowners that couldn't time buying and selling a home. We originally created Selling Later to give all homeowners a place to tell homebuyers when they will be selling their homes.

But everything changed when we attended a real estate conference, as an undercover consumer, and learned how the industry really works against us:

We lose our chance to save money before we hit the market
Real estate commission paid by consumers

We are kept hidden from each other on purpose, even though we are planning ahead

Home sellers know 5 to 10 months before they want to sell

We miss out on homes that never "hit the market"

400,000 hidden homes sales by agents


We can be sold things based on financial incentives for others

kickbacks made by real estate companies


Being Your Transparent Ally In Real Estate

We are taking a stand for home sellers and buyers.   By removing problems created by the real estate industry, we developed a safe place for you based on our founding principles:

educating home sellers

We are your independent ally

Our company is not backed or influenced by the real estate industry.   We do not accept kickbacks, referral fees, or commission shares.  We are built only to help home sellers and buyer, not real estate companies.

understanding selling services

We don't tell you what to do

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling a home. We believe in giving you the resources to do your own research and decide on a selling service that works best for you.

connect directly with homebuyers

We don't believe in middlemen

Unlike everyone else, we don’t want to play the middleman.  Whether you are inquiring on a home, or asking a question in our community, you are always directly connected to each other. 


privacy by design
Your data should save YOU money  

We do not sell your information to third parties as sales leads, nor do we give companies access to our member database.  We want you to use your data to save money, not fill our pockets.


fair housing for everyone

Everyone deserves a fair chance

Unlike the rest of the industry, we do not hide things for our benefit.  Every home posted on selling later, and every question asked in our community is always visible to the public.  

charitable giving
Pay it forward

Selling Later is a free resource for home sellers and buyers.   Pay our free kindess forward by donating to a nonprofit when you save money using one of our savings tools and resources

Give yourself time to sell

You might be buying or selling later, but you can start connecting today!

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