How we became an independent consumer advocacy group

that is standing up for sellers, buyers, and even service providers

What's Happening In The Industry

Selling Later was developed from our own experiences of being frustrated homeowners that couldn't time buying and selling a home.  Our mission quickly changed when we attended a real estate conference, as an undercover consumer, and learned how the industry really works against us:

$15 billion of our paid commission went back to best agent platforms

It's estimated that of the $85 Billion consumers paid in commissions last year, $15 billion went right into the pockets of companies that offered to find you the "best agent for free!"

Between 4% to 10% of homes were sold last year by agents without being listed on the market, whether by pocket listing or by being an office exclusive.   Finding a home is becoming more about who you, or your agent, knows than being a fair marketplace for everyone.

One recent report estimated that instituational investors will own over 7.6 million single family homes by the year 2030.  These investors purchase affordable homes, leaving many first time homebuyers and families out of the market. Despite pleas from consumers, our governtment is doing little to alleviate this growing problem.  



This industry is filled with companies who have their hands in the back pockets of others.  Whether it be a lender paying for ads for an agent, incentives for agents to push their in house title or insurance company, $60 kicked back from home warranty companies when one is sold, etc.  Just because you were referred to a company, doesn't mean you should blindly use them.



How We Are Changing The Industry

We are taking a stand by removing problems created by the real estate industry, we developed a safe place for you based on our founding principles:

Our company is not backed or influenced by the real estate industry.   We do not accept kickbacks, referral fees, commission shares, etc.   We only build programs that benefit sellers and homebuyers.

We do not sell your information to third parties as sales leads, nor do we give companies access to our member database.  We want you to use your data to save money, not fill our pockets.

we don't care how you sell or buy your home

Real estate is no longer a one size fits all industry, and we believe you should sell or buy how you want.   Our goal is to help explain all buying and selling programs so that you pick whatever service works best for you.



Buying or selling is expensive.   This is why all of our programs and resources are publicly accesible to sellers and buyers for free.   Our mission is to create a more transparent and fair industry that gives everyone an equal chance to sell succesfully or become a homeowner. 

Selling Later is a free resource for home sellers and buyers.   All we ask in return is that you pay it forward by donating to a nonprofit.

Find out what companies charge, before you contact them!

Our directory tells you what an agent charges, what an inspector includes in their service, what a title companies fees are, and much more!