Monthly Savings Tip #12

This month's focus:

Learn how you can save now on moving costs by decluttering just one room!

save on moving costs by decluttering and donating

Packing up your home can be less stressful and less expensive if you do just a little bit each month.    By going through your things now, you can not only save money when it's time to move, but also do some good by giving away the things you don't need.  

See what you could save if you donated a few things now!

Select local100-500 Miles, or long distanceand see what you could save by donating and discarding boxes and furniture before you move!


Pick a small room and get to work!

Go through one small room (including your closets and drawers) and start placing everything within one of the following four sections:    keep, discard, donate, or ?.

Keep Pile:
Find a place for these items back in the room, but try to do so by keeping them out of sight.  This could mean back in the drawer or perhaps in a container hidden away.  If there are keep items that you know you will not use, but will be taking with you, pack them away now (unless you are hiring packers).

Donate Pile:
There are plenty of local thrift shops, Goodwill locations, and even Salvation Army pickups that are accepting donations.   For items like children's clothing or women's professional attire, please consider donating them to a local women's shelter.   Plenty of towns have "pay nothing" groups on social media in which you can post what you are giving away and set your stuff on the curb for them to pick up.   

Discard Pile:
Please do this with a conscious effort of recycling what you can.  Check with your local government on your special requirements for the disposal of paints, electronics, and chemicals.   Some trash companies have limits on what they pick up, so staring now means you will have less at the end to try and dispose of.  

? Pile: 
These are items that you do not use but are not ready to let go.  Place these items in a box for now and tape it shut.   We will revisit this box on month 10.


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