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Teo Pfister, Dallas Lender at Vandyk Mortgage

Teo Pfister:  VanDyk Mortgage 
NMLS: 1502921
  Email Teo A Question    972 734 5374
Banking & Lending Experience: 17 years
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Having been in the finance world since 1998, Teo has been involved in many levels of helping people with their finances. She expanded her knowledge, education and passion for helping people into the mortgage industry in 2016. Now a certified mortgage advisor, Teo's clients appreciate that she is accessible, a great communicator and that she always educates them to understand the process of buying or refinancing their home whether it’s their primary home, second home or their investment property.  

Fun Fact: Teo avid lover of exploring.   If she isn't spending time in the great outdoors, you can find her traveling and exploring diverse cultures and cuisines.  

Teo's Local Texas Favorites:  Kona Reserve Coffee   Summer Moon Cafe  Upinspired Kitchen   Kotta Sushi   Testa Pizza   Bavette Grill

Navigating Your Selling Options

Lindy Chapman, Consumer Advocate, CEO of Doss Social Agents

Lindy Chapman: Host of ReloTalk, CEO of Doss Social, Consumer Advocate

  Email Lindy a question     214-676-5675
Experience: 6 years & 10x Relocation Client/Expat
Expertise:  Understanding Selling Options & Consumer Advocacy
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Lindy is a real estate agent and a 10x+ relocation client/Expat on a mission to add transparency to the world of real estate.  As a client turned Realtor, Lindy thrives on connecting consumers to essential resources and providing insider information to strategically navigate the challenges of buying and selling, selling options, and the evolving real estate industry.   In addition to her new role as CEO of Doss Social Agents, Lindy has also developed a learning course to help educate consumers on the ins and outs of selling a home. 

Fun Fact: Lindy loved Dallas so much, that her and her family are in the process of moving back from Boston!   Like many, she is searching Selling Later for homes selling soon in the downtown Dallas area.  

1% Listings & Buyer Rebates

Bobby Bryant,  Doss Brokerage
Bobby Bryant
  Email Bobby Your Question  

Experience: 20 Years
Expertise: Real Estate Technology, Commission Savings, Rebates

Bobby has spent the last 20 years working within lending, real estate education, and home selling services.  Working to fix the flaws in real estate, Bobby founded Doss, a real estate tech company that has developed a fair priced digital marketplace.   Bobby believes in a consumer choice model by developing fair priced listing services, buyer rebates, and for sale by owner al a carte services.    Bobby is a Forbes Real Estate council contributor and is developing an intelligent voice-activated assistant to give consumers 24/7 access at their fingertips.

Real Estate Agents

Amy Jacobs, North Dallas Real Estate Agent
Amy Jacobs  
  Email Amy A Question     214 529 2641
Agent/Relocation Experience: 7 Years
Area Expertise: Northwest Dallas
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Amy has lived in the Dallas metroplex since she was 12 years old.   Since 2012, Amy has worked with those relocating to the Dallas to help them find their new home.  Amy is known for working with clients beyond their move to ensure her clients have a trusted ally as they transiton settle in Dallas.   For those searching for a home, Amy spends the time to understand the neighborhoods and even tours schools so that she can help advise new families coming to the area.  

Amy's Local Texas Favorites:  Whiskey Cake   Sixty Vines   Legacy West  Legacy Hall

Steve Lester, North Dallas Real Estate Agent
Steve Lester 
  Email Steve A Question     469-441-0849
Agent Experience: 11 Years
Area Expertise: Frisco, West Allen, West Plano
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Steve was born and raised in Dallas, spending all but four years of his life within the Metroplex.    After a succesful career starting health clubs and restaurants, Steve got into the real estate business with encouragment from his wife, who works within the title business.      For the past 11 years, Steve has been helping buyers and sellers in the North Dallas area find their next home.   With a committment to continued education and credentials, Steve is consistently putting the consumer first with honesty, transparency, and communication.  

Fun Fact: Steve has served the North Texas Nonprofit Community for many years. He has served as an Ambassador Volunteer for 16 years with The Samaritan Inn Family Homeless Shelter in McKinney, Texas and as a Board Member and Fundraising Chair for 8 years with Carson's Crusaders Foundation based in Allen, Texas. He contributes a portion of his realtor proceeds to both organizations after every sale closing as part of his Paying It Forward Program.

Steve's Local Texas Favorites:  Prairie House   Roman Cucina   Eggsquisite Cafe  Starwood Cafe    Dallas Arboretum

Andrea Morales, North Dallas Real Estate Agent
Andrea Morales
  Email Andrea A Question     972-589-1730
Agent Experience: 6 Years
Area Expertise: Frisco, East Allen, East Plano
  Watch Andrea's Interview  

Andrea's love of real estate began with helping her father and his investment properties at a young age. Although Andrea's journey led her to a corporate career in Engineering and Project Management, Andrea's love of real estate pulled her back into the business when she and her family moved to Dallas.  With her history of real estate, and having moved six times across the US, Andrea uses her personal life experiences to guide her clients through the emotional process of buying and selling a home. Andrea has a passion for educating consumers and enjoys hosting seminars to explain key factors that can impact your real estate journey.

Fun Fact:
  Andrea is an avid runner, so when she isn't working, you can find her on long runs outside.

Andrea's Local Texas Favorites:  Texas Wine Trail   Miononno Restaurant   Cream & Sugar  Filtered On The Square  


Home Inspections

Bud Rozell, Good Home Inspection
Bud Rozell:  Good Home Inspection
  Email Bud A Question     214-215-4961
Inspection Experience: 25 Years
  Watch Bud's Interview 

Bud is a 6th generation Texan who has been inspecting homes in the Dallas area since 1996.  A long standing member of ASHI, and past president of the Texas ASHI chapter, bud has spent the last 25 years helping home buyers understand the flaws and intricacies of their home purchase.    Watch his interview to learn how to find a good home inspector, common issues he finds in Dallas homes, steps you can take before you are ready to sell, and why buyers should hold onto their home inspection.   

Bud's Local Texas Favorites:  Texas State Fair    Grilled Cheese Company    Campisis    Wet Rock Coffee   


Organizing & Staging

Lorraine Brock, Get Organized
Lorraine Brock: Founder of Get Organized
  Email Lorraine A Question     972-460-6933
Experience: 14 Years
  Watch Lorraine's Interview 

Lorraine is a born and raised Dallas Texan who has been in love with organizing since she was a child.  After her kids grew older, she decided to take her passion for organizing and educating consumers by creating Get Organized.  For the past 14 years, Lorraine and her team have helped sellers and buyers with staging, organizing, packing, and even cleaning.  Watch her interview for her tips on preparing your home to sell, how to navigate selling your home with kids, and how to successfully pack and move.

Lorraine's Local Texas Favorites:  Sticky Rice   Ediths French Bistro 

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