Marketing your future home sale

How to market your future sale to buyers

How to market your future sale to buyers
After you post your home on Selling Later, you will want to start spreading the word about your future sale.  Here are some inexpensive (and free) tips that can help you market your future home sale. 

Post On Social Media

Personal Social Pages:
According to Brandwatch, the average person has seven social media accounts.  Even if you only have a few accounts, studies show that one single social account has an average of 155 connections.    Use these connections to your advantage and become your own best influencer.

Post your home on your social pages and be sure to include your selling later link.  Using your link lets you manage all inquires on your selling later dashboard and uses our masked email system to retain privacy when responding to inquiries.  When posting on your social pages, the first few sentences should make the most impact.

“We are selling our (#) bedroom, (#) bath home in (enter area/neighborhood) in (enter selling month). Get ahead and get on our contact list at (insert selling later link to your home post)”  You can then include a little more info about your home, neighborhood, local parks, easy access to downtown/airports, etc.  

Ask your friends and family to share your posts on their social pages.  You can even make a game out of it by asking your friends to tag names of their friends in the comments.  The friend with the most tags/mentions gets a bottle of wine/beer/coffee gift card/etc.

Community Social: 
Community social pages are groups that you can join or belong to within your area.   If you are a parent, posting within some of the local mom/meet up groups or PTO group is a good start.  You could also look into township groups, neighborhood groups, community groups, etc.   Be wary of real estate investing groups (unless you are selling a multi-family) as they typically have buyers looking for a good deal (short sale) and not a standard home sale. 

Most people move less than 15 miles from their existing home to their new home.  Posting on Nextdoor within your neighboring areas is a great way to connect with future buyers.  Nextdoor does have “neighborhood agent experts” on their platform who might comment to you on their “awarded expertise.”  Ignore these comments as these awarded “experts” are just agents that pay by zip code to be advertised to you. 


A simple way to gain attention on your future sale is to put a sign in your front yard (or in your window).  It can be a simple sign that says “I am selling my home this Summer!”   
If you do not want people knocking on your door, add to the sign that they should inquire at  These signs are beneficial when someone else in your neighborhood is selling, especially within the first week they list their home or have an open house.  

At Selling Later, we sell these yard signs at cost (you pay what we pay) to our members.

Word Of Mouth:

Start talking!  Tell your neighbors, friends, dentist, librarian, and especially your hairdresser.  There is a good chance they know someone who might be interested.   

Be Aware Of Solicitations:

While we have never had an issue on our platform with solicitations (and have systems in place if we ever do), there is a good chance you will have agents and other services commenting on your personal social posts on “how they can help you.”  

While some may have good intentions, keep in mind that someone who immediately tries to solicit you without knowing anything about you or what you want to do with your home, will not have your best interests in mind.  This is especially true if this person immediately pressures you by saying you must “sell right now!”   Some agents are known to say they "have an interested buyer" just to get a meeting with you.   While some may have a buyer, have them inquire just as everyone else until you are ready to make a move.

Even if you haven’t decided on how you would like to sell just yet, writing in your social posts that “I’ve already selected a selling service. No solicitations of services please” should at least help deter some people from bothering you.