Explore: Shippenville, Pennsylvania

Explore: Shippenville, Pennsylvania

Explore: Shippenville, Pennsylvania

Located in Clarion County, Shippenville is surrounded by state game lands, which makes it the perfect area for those that want to slow down and enjoy nature.

The Great Outdoors

A local bear visiting Macbeths Cabins in Cook Forest State Park

Less than 25 minutes from Shippenville is the magnificent Cook Forest State Park.   Cook Forest encompasses 11,536 acres in northwestern Pennsylvania. Bordered by the picturesque Clarion River, the park is most known for virgin white pine, and hemlock timber stands. Classified as a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service, Cook Forest State Park is often referred to as the “Black Forest” of Pennsylvania.

Wineries, Breweries, and More

Deer Creek Winery

Did you know that Pennsylvania is the eighth-largest wine-producing state in the country?   Located in the heart of Shippenville, Deer Creek Winery is one of the biggest wineries in Northwestern PA. Originally started as a raspberry farm, this fifth-generation, family-owned winery is now using their expertise and history to make raspberry wine.  

In addition to wine, some of the best family-owned breweries have set up shop near Shippenville.   You can find some unique brewers like Mechanistic Brewing and the Clarion River Brewing Company just right outside of town.

For a taste of Italy, there is a family-owned restaurant in the town that has been making homemade Italian food since 2005.  Sweet Basil Italian Restaurant crafts their own bread, dough, sauces, pies and more. 

Autumn Leaf Festival

You can’t talk about Clarion County, without mentioning the annual Autumn Leaf Festival. This 9-day festival hosts a variety of shows, events, rides, games, fireworks, and of course, mouth-watering fair food for more than 500,000 attendees.   The festival is always held in conjunction with Clarion University’s homecoming.   Clarion University was founded in 1867 and is one of the 14 universities that are a part of the PA State System for High Education.  It currently has over 4700 students enrolled this year within 175 programs of study. 


Summer High:  81 degrees
Winter Low:  16 degrees
Rain: averages 46 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 55 inches of snow a year

Fun Historic Fact:

Back in the day, iron ore was plentiful in the Shippenville area, and the Clarion River was a valuable resource to transport the iron to Pittsburgh.  So Shippenville was one of the small parts of what made Pittsburgh what it is today, The Steel City.  

Local Nonprofit: Tri-County Animal Rescue Center

Tri-County Animal Rescue Center rescues needy cats and dogs and provides them with the quality care they deserve until we can place them in forever homes where they will be treated as part of the family. They are committed to preventing cruelty to animals and to help reduce pet overpopulation by providing access to low-cost spay/neuter programs, and education for the general public.

Click here to learn more and donate to help them continue their great cause.