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FAQ’s for Sellers

What is Selling Later?
Selling Later is a resource platform created by frustrated home sellers that couldn't time buying and selling.  It encourages direct connections between future home sellers and buyers as well as gives you monthly tactics to help you prepare and save money every month before you hit the market. 

Is Selling Later specifically for For Sale By Owner Homes?
No.  We are an unbiased platform.  Whether you are selling on your own, consider using an agent/ lawyer, flat fee service, or perhaps not even sure yet, you are welcome to post on our Selling Later.  We encourage you to test the waters, make connections, and then decide how you want to sell.  

Does Selling Later sell homes?
We do not sell homes, we do not accept commissions or referral fees, and we do not tell you how to sell your home.  We believe that the real estate industry is no longer a "one size fits all" service and that it is up to you to do your research and decide on which service works best for you. 

How does Selling Later work?
You can post your future home sale based on the month in which you want to sell.  Prospective buyers can view your home based on location, selling time frame, and price.  If interested, buyers will send you an inquiry about your home via masked email to protect user privacy.  While you collect and respond to inquiries, we give you monthly tactics to help you save money and prepare to sell.  

I posted my home, now what do I do?
You will need to start planning your selling strategy.  This article by Relcoation Specialist and Consumer Advocate, Lindy Chapman, can help you to get started.  

Tap into your "sphere of influence."   Using your "sphere of influence" means that you become your own social media influencer.   Sharing your home on your social media pages, asking your friends to share it, emailing your coworkers, emailing your neighbors, etc, are all great way to get your message out for free and start having conversations  
How far ahead can I post my house?
You can post your home up to one year from today's date.

What does it cost?
Selling Later is a free resource for home sellers and buyers.   We kindly ask that you donate to a nonprofit in exchange for using our platform.   You can view nonprofit suggestions on our Giving Back page
I received inquiries, now what?
That’s great! When replying to an inquiry, be sure to use our masked email system so that your contact information remains private.  You can also keep notes under each inquiry to keep track of your conversations.  When you do start to receive inquiries, you will need to decide on how you want to sell.  Your options will vary within the different states, but for a general review of your options, go here.    Once you decide how to sell, you can do one of two things with your inquiries.
  • Option A: You can decide how you want to sell, start the process now, and get into an agreement in advance,  This gives you more time to find your new home, pack up and make the move!
  • Option B: You can save your inquiries and decide not to pursue anything until you are ready to list your home.   When you are ready, you can use your inquiries as a kickstart to your listing.    

What do you do with my information?
Nothing!   We feel that your contact information should remain private and secure.   We do not sell your information to the real estate industry and all inquiries submitted on your home are sent directly to you.  


FAQ’s for Buyers

How does it work?
With your free account, you can search for homes by type, size, and price, or by the month they are selling.   You can inquire directly to homes and manage all of your inquiries and conversations via your dashboard.   While you wait to buy, we give you monthly tactics to help you not only prepare to buy but save money every month before you hit the market.  
What do you do with my information?
Absolutely nothing!   All inquires are submitted directly to the person that posted the home via masked email.  We do not sell or share your information with third parties.
How much does it cost?
Selling Later is free resource, but we do kindly ask that you donate to a nonprofit in exchange for using our free resources.

Why do I have to make an account to message someone?
While all homes are viewable to the public, to help protect against solicitation, you must make a free account to submit an inquiry on a home.  This helps protect against companies using our platform for solicitation purposes.  If an account is reported for solicitation twice, the offending account will be de-activated, and all information under that account will be removed. 
What does “Flexible” mean on a posted home?
If you see a home that is listed as “flexible,” it means that the seller is ok with slightly adjusting their selling month.
I have been talking with a seller, now what?
Great question! This answer, plus many more, can be found in our monthly planning tactics located on your buyer dashboard.



What kind of pictures should I post?
A standard post should include the following rooms: bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, outside front view, and a property view.  If you want to add more pictures, you can include laundry, office, garage, basement, etc.  Please note that we have a limit of up to 10 images per post, so choose wisely.

Why must my photos be taken horizontally?
In order to fit with the page layout and style, you should only post photos that were taken horizontally.  While a photo editing option is not currently available, it is something that we are planning to add to the system once we get everything up and going.  In the meantime, visit our blog to ensure that you are posting images that hide your personal information.
A few important things you should do before you take photos
Remove any personal information that might be shown in the pictures.
We live in an age where anyone can find your contact information on the internet if given just a few clues.   To be safe, make sure nothing is showing in the pictures that would give away your personal details (name, medications, awards, school information, work information, etc).

Clean and de-clutter your home.  
If you don’t have a lot of time, then do the rooms that you want to showcase. Giving potential home buyers a very neutral/blank space helps them to see themselves living there.  This means that the more personal stuff that you have in the photo will make it harder for them to think of it being “their new home.”
With that in mind, here are some things to prepare for in those spaces. 
  • Bathroom – remove all shower and bath products, hide medications, clear counter tops, use matching towels, hide toothbrushes/toothpaste, hide clothing and robes
  • Kitchen – clear counter tops, clear refrigerator doors, hide small appliances, hide pots and pans, clear food products that are sitting out
  • Bedroom – clear tables, hide clothing, hide slippers, minimal blankets, remove personal items and books
  • Living Room – hide reading materials, papers, blankets, remote controls, wires, toys, and animal beds/toys
  • Outside – remove toys, hoses, animals, seasonal/holiday décor, and clear any debris/weeds
Helpful Tip: A good idea when “de-cluttering” would be to take everything that you are hiding and place it in a box.   Once your pictures are done, go through that box and figure out if it is something you need or perhaps something that you can donate or throw away.   
The file size of my home pictures are too big to upload onto your site
The larger the file size, the longer it will take for the prospective buyer to upload. Since we live in a fast-paced world with instant responses,  you need to make sure your image size is .5mb or under.  If you find that your pictures will be to be compressed (made a smaller file size), you can easily do it on platforms like or  These are just examples of the recommended free compressor sites. We do not have a relationship with either program and you will be using these programs at your own risk.

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