A community filled with home sellers, homebuyers, and real estate experts to not only answer your real estate questions, but help you save time and money!

Selling Later Community

A collaborative space to connect, share, and prepare

 Since the beginning, and with the help of future home sellers, we have been able to give every homebuyer an average of 4 months advanced notice before a home hits the market. 

But as we have grown, it has become clear that this industry does not want sellers and buyers to know about each other in advance.   We’ve even had those within the real estate industry claim that future home listings are “their propriety information.”    

We disagree.

We believe that who is buying, selling, and when is not proprietary information and should be publicly accessible to everyone.

So how do you continue to help consumers when the industry puts up their castle walls and protect “their data”?

You build your own community!

Welcome to the Selling Later Community: a place to connect, share, and prepare. 


  • Learn of homes selling later
  • Let sellers know when you are buying
  • Share experiences
  • Ask questions
  • Get expert advice

All without solicitations or selling of your data.

Join now!