Why Giving Back

Why Giving Back Why Giving Back?

Today I had the chance to interview with Tim Grant, from the Post-Gazette.  Besides the fact that I talked way too fast, he was incredibly kind throughout the interview and was genuinely interested to hear about the basics of Selling Later and how we are trying to change the industry. Towards the end of the interview, I asked him what it's like to write about the world today?   I know I get anxiety by just watching the news, so I was curious as to what it feels like to have to write about such negativity consistently. Tim said that you “just learn to shut it off and not think about it when you go home.” 

We live in a world where adults sending childish tweets get more news coverage than an organization that helps 5,400 teachers obtain basic school supplies for underprivileged students. Did you know that there are 1.5 MILLION nonprofits in the United States? That is roughly one nonprofit for every 218 people in the United States. So why do you not hear more about them?

They say you need to “be the change you want to see in the world” which is why the Giving Back program was created.  If the news will not consistently talk about the millions of people trying to make a positive difference, then Selling Later will.    

The Giving Back platform is simple. When you post your home, a portion of your one-time fee will be given directly back to a nonprofit category, chosen by you.  You can choose between Hunger/Homelessness, Education, Animal Welfare, or Community.   Our goal is to rotate the nonprofits every three months so that we support 16 nonprofits each year!

For me, the motivation to make Selling Later a success was never based on me becoming a millionaire, as Selling Later is built on Craig Newmark’s minimal profit philosophy.  I am content with my life as is and have no desire to change that.  My goal (and personal motivation) will always be to change the pace of the industry and support organizations that are working hard to make a difference.    

So, will you join us in our mission?

Visit Giving Back to read more about our current nonprofit partners!  If you are a small nonprofit, you can also apply for our next round of partnerships, tentatively scheduled for January 2020.