An honest and transparent reason for WHY

Who we are - honest and transparent

Who we are - honest and transparent

An honest and transparent reason for WHY

Being a small new company that is trying to change the way people view buying and selling a home is not an easy task.  When something has been working the same way for over 100 years, it is hard to think that it could improve or better yet, change to work more in your favor.  While the industry has evolved and created new ways on how to sell (see our post about your options), none of them have developed a cost-effective solution to solve the biggest problem with selling a home: Time.
In staying within our principles of honesty and transparency, we wanted to write a blog on our "WHY. "  Why are we doing this? Who we are, What is our goal? and How does a mom of two with a hospitality marketing background think she is going to change real estate (seems to be the number one question)?  


Why we created Selling Later?

We created Selling Later because we believe that the home sellers and home buyers who are spending their money on the most significant sale/purchase of their life should be in control of the process!   

Think about it this way…the real estate industry revolves around selling homes. You see the panic when the news comes out about home sales being down the previous month.   The industry leaders need home sales to be profitable.  Essentially, without your home sale, the thousands of real estate companies out there would go under.  

If real estate companies need your home to survive, why are you not in charge of the process?  Yes, you get to decide on what service to use, but when you green light your house for sale, you have no idea when your house will sell.  How do you coordinate buying a new home if you are unsure of when your old home will sell?  How do you coordinate purchasing a home when you know you have to pay for your apartment for the next six months?

Let’s back up our statement with some fun facts from the 2018 Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow Group.
  • Buyers spend an average of 4.4 months shopping for a home.  If you break that down further you will see that 51% spend three months, 31% spend up to six months, 13% spend up to 12 months and 5% take more than a year searching for a home.
  • Sellers spend seven months on average just thinking about listing their home, and those who have owned their home longer take even more time…
  • 79% of buyers search online for homes
Now apply that information to a general situation.  Let’s say that someone is planning on listing their home at the end of October.   That means at this very moment, more than 51% of their potential buyers could be looking at their home right now.

So here is the big question that started it all for Selling Later.  If people are looking now but buying later, why can’t sellers start meeting them now?

Will some companies have to change their process of selling to adapt to Selling Later?  Yes, they will most likely have to rethink their marketing, their sales planning, and when they receive money from your sale.   But, this takes us back to the beginning statement. If you are spending your hard-earned money, you should be able to decide how and when of the process. 
I feel that I need to touch upon my comment about companies making money from sellers.   While our platform is free for buyers, we do charge a small one-time fee for Sellers to post their home.  
Our platform is simple for a reason.  We don’t sell advertising, we don’t sell your information to other vendors for leads, and we also don’t take money from other services for referrals. In addition to creating a resource that solves the problem of TIME in real estate, we also are setting out to shine a light on small nonprofits throughout the United States.
For every home post, we donate a portion to the nonprofits making a difference in your town.  Because in a world where anger and hate seem abundant, we are choosing to focus on the people that put their heart into making something better for everyone!
We have some big goals and some big ideas to grow, and none of that is possible without funding.  

Who We Are

Let’s be honest, when it says 'we' that means myself, a super patient web developer and a small agency making some excellent video content.   That is our small team, and that’s ok!   As we grow, we will add to our team and continue to develop Selling Later into an excellent resource for sellers and buyers.  We have big plans and are so excited to keep going after what we believe in.

How does a mom of two kids with a hospitality marketing background think she is going to change the pace of real estate?

This is my favorite question!   To answer this, I am going to break the question into two parts.

How does someone with a hospitality marketing background think she is going to change the process?
It doesn’t take a genius to see the flaw in the home selling process. If you talk to any of your friends or family that have recently sold or bought a home, I guarantee that TIME will be mentioned in one way or another as a problem.   You also don’t have to be a genius to figure out a solution.  Some of the greatest inventors created their product by accident or just by chance.  If you commit yourself to learn something new, then you can teach yourself anything.  This applies to anyone at any age.  I just turned 37, and if you had told me last year that I would end up here, I wouldn’t have believed it.

You hear people say all the time that you can do anything.  I used to hear that and just let it go in one ear and out the other.  It wasn’t until I saw the Rachel Hollis documentary "Made For More" that it finally clicked for me.  You are in control of your life and what you do with it.  You honestly can do anything, you just have to be bold enough to go for it!

How does a mom of two start her own business?
My favorite question of all.  The one that NO ONE ever seems to ask my husband.  When he has to stay late for work and miss karate, that is just how it is and that is fine.  When I have to bring my laptop to karate to get some work done, it becomes a totally different response.    

We are not living in the 1950’s.  It is ok for moms to have full-time jobs and it is ok for a mom to stay home if that is what she chooses.  We spend a lot of time worrying about what everyone else is doing instead of just focusing on ourselves.  I can’t help but think that if we would just stop asking moms this question, that it would ease so much of the mommy guilt that seems to put on ourselves.  

I remember back in March when I was knee-deep in developing the company and questioning how this will change our family dynamic or how it will affect the kids.  I was in my daughters' room folding her clothes (I have no idea why I bother folding because she just pulls them all out and makes them a mess anyway).   I happened to look down at the shirt I was folding (which my daughter wears all the time).  The shirt says “girls can do anything” and shows different jobs like a scientist, a soccer player, an astronaut, etc.  When I looked at the shirt (which I have seen all too often) something just clicked for me.   It does not say “girls can do anything…until they become a mom.”   So for those that question if a mom of two can start a company, the answer is yes…because I choose to not put disclaimers on what I can achieve.  

What is our goal?

My goal is to change the system so that it works better for home sellers, while also giving great exposure and funding to the many small nonprofits that are out there every day making a difference.  While I do want Selling Later to become a succesful company, my goal will never be to become wealthy or change my lifestyle.  I am happy and fortunate with how my life has played out so far and I have no desire to change that.