Things To Do

Things To Do

Things To Do If you are planning on selling your home later this year, here are a few things that you can do now while at home to help you prepare. 


While the thought of decluttering and organizing your home may feel overwhelming, you can do it (even without Marie Kondo’s help).  The key to getting started is to focus on one room at a time.   Start with a trash bag and throw away all trash and junk that you see laying around the room.  As you work through the room, put things into a keep, sell, or donate pile. Consider being more generous with your donations, as now is a time more than ever that your donations will be needed.  

If you have children, consider putting away toys they don’t often use into the basement or storage.   For all other toys, you can purchase storage bins to help hide them.  A quick container to hide toys will come in handy for last-minute showings when you list your home.   
If you have furniture, more significant items, or even boxes you started packing that you are not using at the moment, consider putting them into a storage unit.

Lastly, as you get closer to selling your home, be sure to go through and depersonalize each room.   When home buyers walk through a home, they are visualize themselves living there.  If they are walking around looking at family pictures and children’s artwork, it makes it a bit harder for them to picture themselves in your home.

Helpful Hint: as you go through each room, use painters tape to mark spots on the walls that need to be painted, or to mark things that need to be fixed.  It might also help to keep a note pad with you so that you can write down your to-do list for each room.


The best part of owning a home is that you get to make it your own.  You can have green walls, pink walls, and whatever accent colors you want.  However, your eclectic taste might not suit those that will be looking at your home. Consider parting with your bold colors and toning it down with a more neutral pallet.   Just remember, you can add your favorite hues to your new home, but to attract a buyer, you want to keep it clean and neutral.  While painting, be sure to inspect all high traffic areas, handrails, bannisters, corners, and trims to ensure a clean look.

During the stay at home ordinance, most paint stores are currently offering curbside pick up or delivery.


Get your home "showroom" ready by giving it a good scrub!  While we are all at home, now is a good time to deep clean the bathrooms, steam clean the carpets, and clean your windows.  If you have pets, be sure to spot check every room and work to remove any stains.  

When you live with pets, you tend to get used to their smell.  When it is safe, have an honest friend stop by and have them tell you what your home smells like.   If they can smell your pets, then you should consider getting your home treated for the smell. 


Front Entry Way

Your front entryway will make the first impression on potential buyers.  Be sure to take a hard look for imperfections on your front door.   Consider putting a fresh coat of paint or stain on it to give your door new life.  Don’t forget the trim around the door, as well as front porch railings (if applicable).   If your lighting is faded or old, replace it with a new set that helps illuminate your front entryway.  Don't forget to dress up the front area with potted flowers or greenery to add some color.


If you can safely go outside, take some time to spruce up your front yard.  Pull the weeds, edge the beds, plant some flowers, or even add some new shrubbery.  If you have a lamp post, consider updating the lighting and give the post a fresh coat of paint.  


If you are planning on selling your home within the next six months, consider getting a home inspection now.  Knowing in advance what needs to be corrected saves you time and money during negotiations.   You can either fix the problems in advance, or come prepared to negotiations with all issues quoted by professionals to give you a true cost of repairs.  You can read more about Pre-Listing Inspections here.