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Real Estate Panel The ability to search for whatever you want online about the real estate process is a blessing and a curse. At times, it can feel like you are on information overload when trying to understand how buying and selling a home works.  Typically, your "search for information" will come in three phases:

Phase 1:
When you first consider buying or selling, most start by researching information online. There you will find endless sources and articles about real estate that will point you in many different directions. The problem is that you don't know if what you are reading is correct, you have no idea if the author knows about your city, and you also have no idea if they have any experience in real estate. Armed with this overwhelming amount of information, you move onto phase 2.

Phase 2:
You consider reaching out to someone in the real estate industry. But as a consumer, you feel hesitant to contact an expert as you are not ready to make a move, do not want to be pressured, and do not want to become a paid sales lead. Many consumers that are planning ahead end up not contacting an expert during this time because they don't want to be sold to or get bombarded with marketing materials.  

Don't believe us?  Post on your Facebook page that you are thinking of selling your home next year and would like tips. You will immediately see comments from people recommending lenders, real estate agents, or even real estate agents pitching themselves.  

This phase is where you will find the bulk of real estate advertisements and those ridiculous referral platforms. Referral platforms are websites that claim to be a helpful resource, but in reality, are just making billions by selling off your information to someone who will pay for it. The problem with these websites is that the outstanding agents, who have experience and a growing clientele from years of good business practices, do not participate in these platforms. Some studies even show that agents cut back on their advertising spending after year 3. So is the "best agent" really being referred to you?

Phase 3:
When you decide not to contact a professional in advance you move onto the last phase; the online community. In this phase, consumers join online forums to ask questions about the real estate process. It feels like a safe space as your identity is hidden, and your contact information isn't available. The problem is that you have no idea who is answering your questions. Every state has different real estate laws, every city is a different market, and certainly, everyone's finances/lifestyles are different. Someone who is buying for the first time might be in a different position from the person giving them advice who has bought three homes and is getting ready to retire with a nice nest egg.

So why is it so hard to just be informed and prepared? It shouldn't be!

Welcome to the Selling Later Real Estate Panel.

We've handpicked forward-thinking real estate leaders to help answer any questions you have about buying, selling, insurance, title, and more. The catch; they can't sell themselves, they can't send you emails and marketing materials, and they can't share your information with others.  

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