Painting 101

Painting 101

Whether you’re getting ready to sell, just purchased a home, or just getting tired of your wall color, there is a good chance that painting is in your future!  While the process can seem a bit time consuming, when done right, your paint can create a whole new look to your room.  

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to paint.   How do you know what type to use, what brands have good quality paint, or what supplies you will need?  We sat down with Jim from All Faze Painting to get a better understanding of all things paint!

What are the basic types of paints?

  • Matte Paint - one of the most commonly used interior pants that cover well but can mark easily
  • Matte Enamel - similar to matte paint, this type is a bit more durable and able to be wiped off
  • Satin - durable paint with a smooth finish, but has a shine to it depending on the lighting. It can show imperfections. 
  • Eggshell - carries a bit of a shine but shows fewer wall imperfections.  Tends to cover a lot of wall with less paint
  • Semi-gloss - one of the more durable paints and can be wiped down with soap and water
  • Gloss - offers high durability but also high shine and shows imperfections.  Works best for wood (especially trim).

What are the best types of paints for bathrooms and kitchens?

When painting a bathroom or kitchen, be sure to use paint that is easy to clean (wiped down).  Some people use semi-gloss, which is suitable for bathrooms with a lot of traffic, but it does often appear slightly shiny.  While satin paint might show more imperfections, it won’t be as reflective as the semi-gloss.  Satin would be best for bathrooms that see less traffic and moisture. 

How do you prep an interior room or exterior wall for painting?

For interior painting, the conditions of the wall areas will determine what to do to them before painting. Most interior walls will need minor preparation. If required, a sanding block lightly can be used to remove minor issues on the wall. 

For exterior painting, preparation all depends on the conditions of the house. Houses that are showing their age with dirt and wear should be power washed lightly.

For those of us that have had a rather rainy season, how do you remove 
mold from the exterior of the home?

Purple Power is used by a lot of painters for cleaning dirt, mold and grime off of gutters and other areas.  Be cautious and dilute with water if you are thinking of using this to clean your siding.  Another popular option is TSP, which comes in a powder form that you mix with water. 
Most paints now are mixed with priming material, but if the mold is too intense, it will possibly return. Be sure to clean thoroughly and maybe lightly sanded if cannot be removed. 

What is your 
favorite type of paint for interior painting?

The Emerald Paint from Sherwin Williams is Jim's go-to paint. It is a bit more expensive, but as he says "you get what you pay for" as the higher quality paints show better, hold up better and typically take fewer coatings.  If you are looking for a good paint at a lesser price, he also suggests their Super Paint line.

What is your favorite type of paint for exterior painting?

The Duration line by Sherwin Williams

When is a good time to paint outside?

For our area (Great Lakes and Mid Atlantic) he recommends painting between April and not going past October.  Be sure to start on a dry day with no chance of rain later in the day.

What is your favorite outside stain?

The Olympic maximum semi-transparent line for outside staining. 

What basic everyday tools would you need to paint?

Invest in a quality ladder, a pothook for a paint pot and a quality brush (he likes the Purdy brand for brushes).   When doing a bigger wall, don't forget your roller, tray, tray liner (if doing multiple colors) and tape. 

What are some common paint color trends? 

The most popular request has been varying tones of light grey.

What is the best way to find a good painter?

The best way to find a quality painter is to ask around to
neighbors, friends and family. If you are searching online for a good painter, always check customer reviews on social media and other sources.  To ensure you are reading legitimate reviews from people that truly used the painting service, check out this website that explains the different ways to spot fake reviews.


Disclaimer:  As always, this is not an advertisement nor was anyone paid for this post.  Jim was kind enough to answer all of our questions while also painting our trim at the same time (while also having two kids stare at him out the window for three days). The painting industry has had a tough few months here with so much rain, so we appreciate him taking the time to help us while playing catch up with his exterior paint clients.  

Questions for Jim?  You can reach him at