Explore: Mt Lebanon PA

Explore: Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Explore: Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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Located in Allegheny County, just on the other side of the Fort Pitt Tunnel, you will find Mt Lebanon, PA.   More than 33,000 residents take pride in calling Mt. Lebanon home. This historic and unique township’s housing stock of more than 14,000 homes runs the architectural gamut from Tudor revival to eclectic to modern with everything in between. 

A Walking Suburb

With sidewalks to all three business districts, Mt Lebanon has something for everyone within walking distance.  All business districts have a blend of restaurants, shopping, and local coffee shops.   For those looking to spend the warm months outside, Mt Lebanon hosts a variety of street festivals and farmers market throughout the Summer months.   

This area boasts a wide array of beautiful clay tennis courts, parks, a swimming pool, and the historic Mt Lebanon Golf Course.   Established in 1907, this course boasted original private members like Andrew W. and Richard King Mellon.  

Want to head to downtown Pittsburgh?  Hope on the Mt. Lebanon T-Station and be just a short train ride into the city.  


Photo Credit: Mt Lebanon School District

According to Niche 2020 School Rankings, Mt Lebanon School District is ranked 1st in the region, 4th in the state, and 32nd in the nation.   While it is one of the few school districts that does not offer busing for students, there is an elementary school within a 5 to 10-minute walk of most neighborhoods.  

Dining & Drafts

Photo Credit: Atria's

Mt Lebanon has an abundance of casual and upscale restaurants mixed within the town.  You can go to Washington Road and basically find any type of cuisine your heart desires.   It's hard to hone in on just a few places, so we decided to focus on those that have long-standing routes in the area.  

When you talk about the Mt Lebanon food scene, you have to talk about Atria’s.  This historic landmark originally started as a grocery store but began to sell six-packs after prohibition in 1933. In 1998, it was converted into a restaurant which is a staple in Pittsburgh and the innovator of the famous Pot Roast Nachos. 

The place for breakfast is Mt Lebanon is Pamela’s Diner.  Since 1980, this cash-only diner has been serving up ginormous, home-cooked breakfast, and are known for their Crepe Style Pancakes.

Want to try a different approach to pizza?  Beto’s is a 60-year-old pizzeria that creates individual slices of pizza with un-melted cheese.   

A name infamous in the brewing world, Hitchhiker Brewing Pub Tap Room is where you want to go to discover innovator beers that are brewed just on the other side of the river. 

Local Non Profit: Outreach Teen & Family Services

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Over forty years ago, in response to citizens’ concerns, Mt. Lebanon’s Community Relations Board and the Mt. Lebanon Police Department galvanized efforts to address issues stemming from teens engaged in unhealthy activities in our parks and around our schools.  From that grass roots effort, Outreach Teen & Family Services was created, officially formed in 1974 under a grant from the Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.  In 1981, the organization incorporated as a non-profit agency with the name Outreach South, later changed to Outreach Teen & Family Services, Inc.  

Through education, Outreach is leading the way by raising public awareness and promote understanding of mental health and mental illness.  With a mission of prevention, they address and improve the social and interpersonal conditions that contribute to the burden of mental health struggles.  Lastly, their clinicians utilize evidence-based intervention efforts to disrupt unhealthy patterns of behavior, facilitating changes toward more positive and adaptive life choices.

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