Leland North Carolina

Explore: Leland, North Carolina

Explore: Leland, North Carolina Photo Credit: Cape Fear National Golf Course

Leland, North Carolina, is just across the Cape Fear River from Wilmington, one of colonial southeastern America’s most significant port towns and cultural centers. Thanks to this unique location, Leland is steeped in history and surrounded by sites like gorgeous antebellum architecture, Civil War forts, and a WWII battleship. 

Things To Do:

Masonboro Island Preserve

In less than 30 minutes, you can be on some of the best beaches in the state, like Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Masonboro Island Preserve.  
Masonboro Island Reserve is the longest undisturbed barrier island ecosystem in southern North Carolina. Masonboro can only be reached by boat, kayak, or canoe.   Read more about the amazing group of volunteers that are working to preserve the island here

Cape Fear National Golf Course

If you love the warm weathered outdoors, you will love the access to multiple parks, golf courses, canoeing, and hiking.  Speaking of golf courses, you can’t stop by Leland without experiencing Cape Fear National.  Constructed by renowned golf course architect Tim Cate, this course features prominent bunkers that run the entire length of the hole, several bridges through wetlands, three waterfalls, and beach bunkers, all flanked by native Southeastern North Carolina grasses and wildflowers.

Into the Arts?
The Leland Cultural Arts Center provides a vibrant hub for the arts in Brunswick County and surrounding areas. It is unlike any other facility in the region, with courses and programs in a multitude of art forms including pottery, theatre, painting, jewellery making, literary arts, healing arts, and more. The Center includes a gallery, pottery studio, multipurpose studio, painting and drawing studio, dance studio, classroom, and a performing arts space capable of hosting community theatre productions, musical performances, and events.   This community arts educational center is accessible to individuals of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and economic status and welcomes all to share their talents and learn new skills. Participants have the opportunity to learn new skills or fine-tune their existing skills in a supportive, collaborative environment equipped with the tools they need to take their work to the next level. 

Fun Fact:  

This area is the only native area in the world for the Venus Flytrap. Due to their small growth area, poaching these naturally growing carnivorous plants is a felony.  


Summer High: the July high is around 90 degrees
Winter Low: the January low is 34
Rain: averages 58 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 1 inch of snow a year

Local Nonprofit Highlight:  NourishNC

Support This Organization 

1 in 5 children in New Hanover County struggle with food insecurity and hunger. NourishNC mobilizes volunteers and resources to provide supplemental food assistance to these children who might otherwise go hungry. They do this because hunger wreaks havoc on children’s mind, body, and spirit. Their programming reflects our vision to be anywhere and everywhere food insecure children need them.

Their programs include:
  • The Backpack Program: This program is specifically designed to put healthy food right into the hands of K-5 children. These children receive 8 easy to prepare meals, healthy snacks, milk or juice, and fresh produce every weekend. Their Pre-K, middle and high school students receive monthly boxes which contain four weekends worth of healthy food and fresh produce.
  • Break Boxes: For all school breaks NourishNC provides all children on their program with at least 3 meals a day, healthy snacks, juice, milk and fresh produce, meat, and a loaf of bread.
  • Farmer’s MarKid: The MarKID is a direct and hands-on approach to improving the health of children in their community. They take free fresh fruits and vegetables to wherever kids need them: food deserts, parks, playgrounds, after school programs, high need schools, and other nonprofits. 
  • Food Farmacy: Children are screened for food insecurity right inside their doctor’s office. Children who are struggling with hunger are provided with a box of non-perishable food containing more than 25 strategic meals. Each child also receives a “prescription” for 15-20 pounds of fresh produce, meat, eggs, and wheat bread.
  • Toddler Tummies: NNC partners with other nonprofits that serve children and their families. Nutritious food is sent right into the homes of 1-4-year-old children who are under-resourced and food insecure. Each child also receives a “prescription” for fresh food and produce.
  • Pantry Pals: They provide 26 schools and other nonprofits who serve children with emergency food, fresh fruits & vegetables, and healthy snacks.

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