Details On Cabinets

Details On Cabinets

Details On Cabinets

The Details In Cabinets

When you are working on a remodel with cabinets, be sure to do your research as this purchase will be with you for a long time. Resident designer, Eric Dillman, shares his take on the four things you need to think about when purchasing cabinets.



Do not be fooled by the appearance of some cabinet lines. Some make a beautiful cabinet, but if it lacks in construction, then it won’t last long and won’t hold up the quartz or granite tops you want. 

While plywood construction is best, but don’t be afraid of furniture board cabinet boxes. A lot of cabinet company’s go this route, and they make for a solid cabinet. 

For the drawers, try to get a dovetail construction as it allows for a much stronger drawer box. If you are tight on your budget, you can go with a staples drawer box. While it is functionally, it will not hold up as well with storing weights and slamming those drawers multiple times a day. 

A nice feature that a lot of my customers like to go for is the full extension drawers. This allows the drawer to pull out to the back of the drawer box. Having the full extension helps you not get those spoons or forks stuck on the frame of your cabinet all the time.

Another prominent feature is soft close hinges and drawer glides. A lot of customers ask me, “Is it worth the extra money?”. Yes, it is definitely worth the extra money. Soft-close hinges help keep your cabinets in good shape longer. The constant slamming of the door and drawers weakens the structure of the cabinet, which causes lose doors and drawers. If you have kids, this will help a lot with the constant slamming sound you hear daily. Most soft close hinges have an on/of switch so that you can turn them off if you don’t want it on a specific cabinet or end up not liking it. It’s a great way to add value to your home as well when you go to sell. 



This is one of the most significant features that cabinet manufacturers lack today. So many cabinets are made overseas so that they can sell them for a lower price here. Don’t be fooled by this lower price as the quality of the finish will not be the same. 

You should look for a cabinet that is constructed and finished in America. The main reason is that America has strict laws on chemicals in finishes where in oversea finishes, they do not. No matter which cabinet you choose, they will all be cut or drilled into your home. This means the fumes of those harsh chemicals will be what your family is breathing in every day.

Find a company that has a very detailed finishing process so that you know the finish of the cabinet won’t chip or crack. If you’re looking for a painted finish, you must find a quality finish as you will want a very smooth finish, so that your paint doesn’t look sand or have a rough texture.



In my experience, most customers have sticker shock when they start to search for cabinets. However, there is almost always a way to lower the price. The easiest way to reduce costs is to pick a different door style or door overlay.  



There are many accessories available that can make your cabinetry more functional. When searching a store for the right cabinets, come ready to answer questions. Where are you placing these cabinets? How much use will they get? Having those answers will help a designer ensure you purchase the right type of cabinets for your room.


On my next post, I will review the types of woods ranging in price and durability. As always, feel free to reach out with questions about design or cabinetry.  

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